Dr. Luke and the Ladies

BSF started as a bible study for women by a woman.  Those of us attending today, including the men and children in the study, are grateful for the way God moved in the life of A. Wetherell Johnson to organize the study.

This is important to keep in mind when reading Luke particularly as we see the characters that Luke discusses.  Women play a very prominent role throughout the book.  In fact there are 13 women mentioned in the book of Acts who do not appear anywhere else in the bible.  Luke is also the one to mention that the first European convert to christianity was, in fact, a woman, Lydia.

Clearly Luke was a quick learner.  While it may have not been the norm in his day to elevate women in society, he observed Christ doing it over and over again.  The woman at the well, Mary and Martha, etc., etc.  Jesus did not come to deliver a message to men, he came to save all mankind (and women-kind).  Luke listened, observed, learned and did likewise.

Ladies prayed and played a prominent role in the early church as they do today.  I’m one of the many men who can state that my wife began attending a bible study and encouraged me.  Thank God for the ladies!


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