God is not a pinata

Seriously.  Google the title of this post – this has to be the only one on the entire world wide web, right?  Wrong!  I checked, believe it or not, there are dozens if not hundreds.

I guess then I am not alone in my struggles and the responses I too often take.  But, let me digress with a little background information.  It is Labor Day.  We had family over, including little nieces and nephews.  My mother-in-law brought a pinata for the kids (of all ages, of course).  It was one of the pull-string variety, which is great since I often end up holding it and don’t really enjoy getting whacked by a stick, if you know what I mean!  Everyone pulled the strings, candy flowed out, all is good.

But it made me think about how often I treat God like a big pinata.  Maybe, if I pull the right string, blessings will flow down on me and I will be healthy, wealthy and wise, not to mention fit into the clothes I wore in high school.

But God isn’t the pinata, he is the dad holding it.  Just like the dad, in this case my brother-in-law, who sat patiently spoon in hand feeding his baby and wiping up all the messes that the baby made.  Or for that matter like the loving mother who sweeps up a little one moments before they catch a finger in the door or tumble down the stairs and gives them a big hug.

I need to remind myself that the pinata isn’t the thing to be desired or chase after, it is the fact that someone loves us enough to want to give that to us and so much more.  The real gift is the love, the rest is just candy.


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