BSF Acts: Week 2, Day 1

2. It is probably just me.  There seem to be those BSF questions that I really have to work at because I can clearly see both sides of the argument.  I come away with, “if you look at it this way it could be x, but then, looking at this, it could be y”, and I feel very justified in my ambiguity.  Then I read the notes.  Every time, it seems, the notes are uncompromising and it always seems the notes simply state it as fact, without any apparent need for discussion or justification. 

This week those questions included the baptism of the spirit occurring at the exact same time as accepting Jesus.  The notes: 1 sentence: born of spirit = baptized with spirit = into the body of Christ.  All one thing and all together. It also included the question of casting of lots.  The notes: not since pentecost.  (side note, I did find it interesting that this is how some Amish groups select their leaders to this day: see Amish Encyclopedia.)

What humbles me in this isn’t that the BSF notes are gospel and I should yield unquestioningly to what is written, although they are written by people far more learned than I am.  But instead, that the points I seem to focus on, to spend a lot of time developing arguments for this side or that to show-off my knowledge of the scriptures, barely get a sentence in the notes.  In other words, they are really immaterial to the bigger picture.  And as christians, we are so like this.  How many denominations developed over little differences in the interpretation of scripture?  How many arguments have been made and how much effort has been placed in these minor and unnecessary issues?

Instead, I pick up such cool comments from the notes that encourage me that I totally seemed to miss: “Until one knows the Old Testament, it is impossible to understand the different facets of the Lord’s death and resurrection” and ” Although He had been invisible to them, they now realized He had been with them all the time.” 

So much for my grand arguments!


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