Acts: Week 5, Day 6

Acts 9:31–12:25.

15. I am learning from these lessons that the more I give up to God the more I receive in power and peace.  It has made me question why I tend to hold onto stuff until it is simply too much to bear and, then finally, I relent it to God.  It sounds insane, but it is like I am trying to impress God with my ability to take care of stuff.  I know… when I think about it, it doesn’t make sense to me either.  The story this week of Peter, the night before his “trial” and probably execution is chained to two guards, on a prison floor, sleeping like a baby.  It makes me think about all of the times I wake up in the middle of the night or can’t sleep.  My prayer is to remind myself of these lessons.  God wants a humble heart, a heart that He will fill up with the power of the spirit and give peace in the midst of whatever is happening.


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