Acts: Week 6, Day 4

Acts 13:14b–41.

Paul preaches in the open synagogue at Pisidian Antioch.  He explains that Jesus was foretold by and fulfilled the scriptures, that Jesus is the risen Lord and that through Jesus is forgiveness of sins and justification above what the law could ever provide.

9. a. 16,26,39

b. (1) 17: The God of the people of Israel chose our fathers, made them prosper in Egypt and led them out 19: Overthrew 7 nations and gave their land to his people

(2) 18: He endured their conduct

(3) 20-25: Judges to Kings to King David to John the Baptist

10. He has convicted me of my sins and provided me with God fearing people in my life who helped guide me into the bible, into BSF and into a church that adheres to the word of God.

11.27: in fulfillment of prophecy, Jews conspired against Jesus, 29: He was crucified and died and was buried.  30: raised from the dead, 31: seen for many days. 37: raised, never to decay

12. In the third section of this sermon:

a. 38: the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed

b. 39″ believe

c. Acknowledge Jesus as the Son of the Living God, my Lord and Savior and act appropriately for that acknowledgement

d. Those who scoff, wonder and perish.

e. They mock, deride and jeer at both the word of God and of the people that follow that word.  They decide that we are too sophisticated, too advanced, too wise and that the bible is simply superstition.  Theyridicule believers for not accepting that anyone’s beliefs are as justifiable and true as their own.



Paul’s sermon resounds in the Nicene and Apostole’s Creeds.  It is a simple statement of the facts.  No cajoling.  No pleading.  No watering down.  He simply states the historical promise, how that promise was fulfilled and the gift that fulfillment provides. 

We struggle so often with what words to use to encourage a non-believer, that sometimes we skip over the most obvious: simply state the facts and let the Holy Spirit act. 


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