Acts: Week 7, Day 1

2.  There were three things that I found very interesting in this week’s notes. 

The first was that Paul’s three missionary trips, the heart of his ministry, in total lasted only 10-13 years.  What an amazing impact he made in such a short period of time.  I have worked at jobs for more than 10 years and accomplished far, far less!

The second was the distance and terrain that Paul and his various companions travelled.  In this first mission trip of 3 years, they spend almost 10 percent of their total time travelling from place to place, over treaturous seas and snow covered mountains on rickety bridges..  In each new town they have to find lodging and work (they supported themselves along the way so as not to be a burden or lead anyone astray.) 

Third was the realization that the only reason that we have the writings of Paul is because God allowed him to be imprisoned.  Had it not been for his forced solitude, it is clear that he would be in the field saving souls, not locked in a cell with someone documenting the notes, information and faith. 

We are so richly blessed by the way that the Holy Spirit worked through this one man’s life.  But, to me, the biggest realization is that the power of the Holy Spirit is ready and willing to work to that level again, today, in any devoted christian.  Who knows what an amazing story our generation of believers may leave to childrena dn grand-children.


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