Acts: Week 7, Day 4

Acts 14:19–20a and 2 Timothy 3:10–17.

Summary:  The wolves arrive in Wolf Land!  Out of town Jews travel over 100 miles to “win the crowd”.  They take stone Paul and take him out of the city, but after they leave him for dead he got up and went back into town.

10. How quickly things can turn and how dangerous crowds (mobs) can become.  But, seriously, after being left for dead by stoning Paul gets up and “went back into town”!?!?!  I cannot see myself ever stepping foot back in the gates!

11. From Acts 16:1–3; Philippians 2:19–21; and 2 Timothy 1:2–5:

a. Timothy

b. I’m assuming this question refers to Gal 5:22-23 the fruits of the spirit (especially since that was the children’s memory verse this week!) Paul, in Timothy, found love, joy, kindness, goodness and faithfulness

c. God provides, through trials and persecution come blessings, the spirit blesses us through those we help teach and lead

12. (Challenge) I think this question is asking if Paul died at Lystra and then came back from the dead.  Did he have an experience such as described in modern books such as Heaven is for Real or The boy who came back from heaven (both great reads, BTW)?  Reading verse 5 of 2 Corinthians 12, I don’t think so.  I think, in these verses he is talking about John.  Paul may have died and been revived and he may have had a vision of heaven and the writing of this second letter to the Corinthians may have been 14 years later, but I think this passage refers to the Revelation to John – Rev 1:9-10, Rev 4:1

Conclusion: This verse and a half are the patron verses (is there such a thing?) of anyone who has worked in senior management, particularly at a large corporation.  One day you can do no wrong.  The people think you are a god.  The next, a new consultant/author/leader comes on the scene.  Next thing you know, you are being dragged outside the city walls and people are hurling stones at you!

Matthew Henry once said, “popular breath turns like the wind.”  In our culture being liked, being popular, fitting in, particularly in youth but, frankly in all of us, can become an obsession.  We can count and compare how many “friends” we have on Facebook.  We can turn the television on to any number of shows based on judges criticizing (lambasting for sport) contestants.  Paul learned a very important lesson in Lystra that he never forgot.  It is never about Paul’s ministry, it is always about Jesus Christ.

Finally – is anyone else having a Sergeant Peppers album flashback???  Paul is dead.  I buried Paul.  (sorry, another one of those generational moments I have!)


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