BSF Acts: Week 11, Day 1

The Notes:

What is the greatest sin?  What is the chief sin someone can commit? Not that sin is ever “great”, but if we were to think about sin on a scale, like we do breaking human law, we think of some as misdemeanors and some as felonies.  Like the difference between saying a curse word in anger or murdering someone. 

So it opened my eyes in the notes when it said, “refusal to believe God is the chief sin.”  At first I thought, really?  Doubting the bible compared to abusing a child – no comparison, right?  But then I realized the second only happens after the first.  God is evident in all of creation.  At least where we live there is no one who has not had some exposure to God.  Granted, it may have been a very inaccurate representation by someone who may have been CINO (Christian in name only).  But, even then, I doubt there is anyone who thinks the bible condones any of the horrific crimes that are committed.  So, to commit any other crime, frankly any other sin, is to first refuse to believe God.

God’s word is alive, it is active.  When you read the scriptures and God’s absolute intolerance for disobedience and sin, it cuts, sharply, to the bone.  When you understand that there is absolutely nothing hidden from God, no action, to intention, no thought – the only way you fall into sin is to not believe God. 

Maybe He wasn’t really serious about that stuff?  Maybe He doesn’t care if I sin a little – everybody does, right?  Maybe He won’t notice.  Maybe He expects me to faultier.  What a bunch of _____.  (It probably wouldn’t be good in this rant to fill in that word, eh?)

This was a difficult couple of chapters for me.  But, I so appreciate the message that flows throughout these challenging verses.  God’ promise of rest.  God’s welcoming invitation to fellowship with Him.  God’s gift to come down, suffer, to die.  What am I, just a man.  What is a man? And here is where it gets interesting.  By becoming a brother to Jesus through His grace of coming down to be lower than the angels with us, we become part of His family and, as such, holy. 

What better day is there than today to stop disbelieving and start being holy?  (struggling with that last line?  I understand, but I don’t see any other way to read Hebrews 2:11)


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