BSF Acts: Week 13, Day 5: Hebrews 13

Hebrews 13.


I see the last chapter of Hebrews like the last lecture (good book by the way) or the bedside chat that any dying patriarch or matriarch of the family would love to have with their family.  I’ve just spent 12 chapters teaching and enlightening you – and there is so much more you need to learn, but let me leave you with these things. 


14. Write several specific ways you can put these exhortations into practice.
a. Show God’s love to others upclose and personal – not just by writing a check

b. Working to help my wife feel safe, secure and loved daily

c. Be joyful not wanting – my perspective is my choice – my situation isn’t always that way

d. Sad but so true – we are taught the right path by the bible, Jesus and leaders, but we look for a new easier way.  It works – stick with it.

e. If it is in my comfort zone it is not a sacrifice

f. Nothing is as satisfying and fulfilling as praise
15. a. Those who follow the Lord

b. Pray. Give to them all that is due to them.  Respect the office or position.  Work to change them or change them out of the position.


It starts with love (vs 1).  It ends with grace (vs 25) and at the very center is Jesus, the disgrace he suffered for us, and us joining him outside of this world in a city that is to come.


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