BSF Acts: Week 18, Day 4: 1 Corinthians 5–6


Paul warns against the sins of the flesh – of identifying ourselves as physical beings with a spirit rather than spiritual beings in communion with God


11. Write a brief summary:

a. Do not continue to commune with unrepentant sinners.  When believers try to represent sin as acceptable, do not associate with such people

b. Disputes between believers should be reconciled within the body of the church with intervention by a fellow believer

c. Our words, actions and deeds as believers are the judgment of both angels and other believers, whose mission it is to minister to us.  When we fall, our actions judge their work as less than worthy

d. Food is not prohibited, but when it becomes the focus and the pleasure it derides becomes the end-all, it becomes and idol like any other

e. chief among sins of a believer is sexual immorality.  It is the only sin that is committed by us against us dishonoring God.

12. Sin of the flesh is not  challenge to a spiritual being.  We are endwelled by the spirit of God, bought at a price.


Perspective.  What is your self identity?  Your view of yourself?  If it is as a physical being, then temptation abounds for the flesh.  Immorality, impurity, glutony, idolatry, pride, deceit, theft.  And these are just the surface sins a physical being must fight.  But in God’s perspective, we are not a physical being – we became a spiritual being in one with our maker.  The physical structure is nothing more than the walls of the temple – the identity is what is within.  A new creation.


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