BSF Acts: Week 18: Lecture

Lecture: Rough Outline

The church in Corinth was challenged with the same thing many christians struggle with today – sin and confusion.    When we rely on human knowledge and our own world view of things it is easy to become lost – to lose our way.  We are by nature sinful, prideful and our view of things is based on this perception.

When you are lost, what helps you find your way?  Well, a map would be ideal.  The great news is that when we are lost, confused and struggling with our sin – God has a given us a map – one based on a spiritual view which sees everything.

But – here is the really amazing thing – this isn’t an ordinary map.

This is a treasure map.  And on every treasure map there is a special mark that indicates the treasure.  The X… but on this map it is turned a little bit – it is a +… a cross.  The Cross!

Division 1: 1 Cor 1-4.  Spritual wisdom is from the Holy Spirit.

Everyone may know the story of the blind men describing the elephant.  One felt only the side and described it as flat and leathery.  One felt the tusk and described it as hard and slick.  One felt the tail and described it as snake like (and a bit smelly).

The point is that each only saw things from their own perspective and, as such, they totally missed the big picture – This is the same thing that happened in the church in Corinth.  They were so busy climbing up the wall that separated them from God – looking down and gloating over how much higher up the way they were than others – they totally missed that there was a door – a gate – that led through to the other side.

Are you asking God each day to show you the way?  Do you trust your own judgment or trust in God?  Are you asking God to open your eyes as well as your heart?

2nd Division:  1 Cor 5,6  My body is God’s temple

How would you describe yourself?  6′ tall, brown hair, green eyes.  weight?  age?

Now describe a treasure chest.  If you describe the box and not the gems and precious materials inside, aren’t you missing the most important part?

In the same way, what is most important about me and you?  The outside or what is inside?

When God sees us he sees us as a soul with a physical body.  when we look at it, we see a body with a soul.  Which is more correct?  God’s view – of course.

Start seeing yourself as a soul with a body, not a body with a soul

Division 3: 1 Cor 7

Either married or unmarried – either way is a blessing from God.

Did you and your friends all receive the same gifts at Christmas?  Of course not – you are all different and each received different gifts.  Does that mean one received a better gift than someone else?  No, different doesn’t mean better.

In the same way – marriage is a gift from God.  Is it the same gift for everyone?  Of course not, because we are all different.  Some receive the gift of marriage.  Some receive the gift of not being married and devoting more time to spreading the gospel.  Either way – both are gifts.

Do you thank God for the gifts that He has planned for your life?

Do you thank God that he chose the gift of marriage for your Mom and Dad so they could have you?

Do you ask God to bless the marriage of your Mom and Dad so they can enjoy the gifts God gives you?


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