Why a week late?

OK, now that I’m caught up, a quick explanation.  We are in the midst of a remodeling project and between other demands of work, home, painting, building shelves, moving boxes, etc., etc. I did really good to get my lesson done last week, much less update my blog.  But I was getting enough feedback from folks who evidently read this that I wanted to go ahead and fill in the week. 

Hopefully, back on track tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “Why a week late?”

  1. Thanks for posting it! I missed my group this week because of a drs appt. Having your blog to go over the questions helps me feel like I’m not missing as much. 🙂

  2. Thank you
    I treasure your blog no matter how late it is, im looking for another view, which I really don’t get in my group. This year i seem to have a copy and paste mentally.
    thanks again

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