BSF Acts: Week 22, Day 4: Ephesians 1:15–23


12. Wisdom is knowledge put into action – choosing of a path or action.  the fact that is is of the Spirit assures it is the right path or action.  Revelation is light to the path and clear direction for the journey

13. a. for light, for wisdom, for grace – that the power we have been given in the Lord be put to full use.  That we not underestimate or underutilize that power for the glory of God

b. The God by the Son with the Holy Spirit

14. It makes all the difference.  “Knowing God” means doing right, means not doubting, means seeing the light, means exercising the power that allowed Christ to rise from the dead, the power to forgive sins, the power to be pure and complete, whole and holy.


Final thought:

What do you seek?  Light. (AF&AM).

1 John 1:5.  God is light.  In Him there is no darkness.

When we seek God, to know God, for His revelation and wisdom, we seek light.  We live in a world covered in darkness, but God is light.  But as question 14 asks, what difference does that make?

Well, to sighted people (open the eyes of my heart) living in a pitch black world, light makes all the difference.  Without it we are lost, stumbling, in dire and immediate danger.  But light gives us direction, a path, hope, direction.  God doesn’t just shine a light, He fills us with it.

My favorite verses (mostly because I see how far I fall short of grasping them) are Ephesians 1:19 and 20.  The notion that God has given me the same power that He used to raise Christ from the dead.  (go ahead, read that again).  That’s not a light, that is every flashbulb going off at the same time.

But do I live any day using even a fraction of that power?  I’m a 40 ton crane lifting toothpicks on a normal day.  How about you?


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