BSF Genesis: Week 5, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


The sarcasm and condescension in his tone (often a defense mechanism): “Am I my brother’s keeper?” My punishment is more than I can bear: driving from land, hidden from presence, restless wanderer, others will kill me. No “I’m sorry”, no desire to change, just concern for self

God is just but does not seek harm. His goal is rehabilitation not punishment as retribution.  He protects us even though we don’t deserve it.

David acknowledge that he had sinned against God and sought mercy. He recognized God’s right and justice and sought to be cleansed not protected. He wanted to get out of sin not out of punishment.

It is hard, but I should be grateful to have those in my life who care enough to tell me.  While it is more gentle to hear from a brother/sister that I love and serve with, it also cuts deeper to the bone.  I pray that I can be better at turning immediately to God rather than trying to stand up on my own and that I set my focus on returning to right and not fixate on the problem.

God is light, no darkness: purified by blood of Jesus. If confess He is faithful, forgives, purifies

Confess and be purified through the cleansing of the blood of Christ (saying “I did it” is not enough, but we must also seek to be purified)


My Daily Journal:

Verse 14 was a pivotal verse in my understanding of the relationship between God and Cain.

God has come to Cain and offered him an opportunity to confess and to repent.  But, Cain’s reply is lies.  God admonishes him to look at the mess he has made: the curse that he has brought upon himself from the very soil that he relies on as a farmer.

But, to see the heart of the matter, look at verse 14 piece-by-piece:

  1. Today you are driving me from the land – this is true and is what God said.
  2. and I will be hidden from your presence – God  never said this nor implied it.  God is not limited to a piece of real estate.  If anyone is choosing to be hidden from the others presence it is Cain choosing to be hidden from the presence of God (and we already saw how well that worked for his mom and dad with the fig leaves)
  3. I will be a restless wanderer on the earth – this is true and is what God said.
  4. and whoever finds me will kill me – God  never said this nor implied it.  In regard to this last line it is as if God says, fine, if that is really what you are worried about, someone killing you, then we’ll get that off the table, but, son, you’ve got a lot bigger problems than that made up worry.

Cain chose to hide from God’s presence.  Cain chose the exit door.  Obviously, as we continue to read the rest of the chapter, God knows all about Cain and his family ongoing.  The issue isn’t in God not knowing Cain, but in Cain not knowing God.

When I face consequences of my sin and I adding to them by trying to hide?  Do I invent worries as part of a pity-party or do I turn over my worries to God.


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