BSF Genesis: Week 9, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


They conspire and plot in vain, they attempt to band together to replace God. They are rebuked by God

We seek to replace God or, at a minimum, to remake God in our image instead of the other way around. We build up towers of praise to ourselves, but ignore the divine one who provides all

Jesus (the way, truth, life). Salvation is found in no one else – Jesus is the only name by which we must be saved.

Through prayer and study of His word. Through acts of random kindness that reflect His love for His people. For intentional life to devote time and talents to His work.

c. God wants me to reach out to Him in all things – I still struggle with a “me do” approach, calling on God to be my wingman instead of recognizing it is His sky.


My Daily Journal:

What am I building?

The key thought that struck me today was “why a tower?”

I mean, if they wanted to build, they could have built anything, right?  Better roads, water systems, schools, hospitals, housing for the poor.  But they chose to build a tower.  Why?

Towers raise us up.  They don’t hold everyone so they naturally elevate some over others.  They allow those in the tower to look down on their kingdoms.  They raise them up out of the muck of everyday life and all the messy people.

They also offer some protection.  it is easier to see attacks coming from a tower and to fire arrows down on your foes.

They are also a means of pride and intimidation.  In battle they would raise the flag high on a pole so all could see and rally around it.  How much more so a tower of bricks.

We still build a lot of towers.  Some would argue that many of our churches and ways of living out our beliefs take the shape of fortresses with high and lofty ideals that we raise up as towers for others to see.  It is understandable, because so much of our faith and views are constantly under attack.

But we don’t need to build towers or strength.  God is our tower.  A mighty fortress is our God (to quote Luther).

What are we called to build?  I think a good answer to that comes from John 1:23 where John the Baptist references Isaiah in his message:  “Make straight the paths for the Lord.”

I am called to be missional.  Where do I need to build more bridges and fewer towers?


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