BSF Genesis: Week 9, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures


Son of Cush grandson of Ham, g-grandson of Noah. Became a mighty warrior on the earth. A mighty hunter before the Lord, Centers of his kingdom (was a king) Babylon, Shinar, Neneveh, Calah, Resen, Assyria.

Bad – Nimrod means rebel. He rose in power but the power was “on the earth”. He put himself before the Lord. He became a King when there was no ordination of kings.

In his time the earth was divided

Job lived in the land of Uz, Jobab

Because it is the truth, all of these places and lands came from people who came from Noah. To show that sin survived the flood. To show that man’s desire to “be like God” was the same after the flood as before.

My Daily Journal:

Why do the lists of “begots” appear in the bible, why all these names of people we’ve never heard of, never appear before or again?

Maybe Moses had a deal like J.K. Rowlings and he was getting paid by the word.  Probably not.  Maybe it was in their contract, like the credit roll at the end of a movie.  Probably not.

I think it is for 3 main reasons:

1. It is truth.  The bible is not a fictional story that is edited to appeal to a certain audience of time.  It is the truth as given by God and His inspired words to reveal His character.  These people lived, they were real and God got to say what was in and what was out of the printed copy.

2. They tie us to people, places and times.  It is like studying genealogy.  Understanding that we are related to real people who lived during this time, being able to connect to ancestors, connects us to events, places and people.  My neighbors didn’t just pop out of thin air, they have history that connect us together.  The same is true of our enemies.  At one point we were not only friends, but family, but we went different paths.  Having that connection back makes it much easier to join back together again.

3. They are a real legacy.  The people at the tower of babel wanted to make a name for themselves.  They wanted to work on their legacy.  If anyone ever called you a nimrod, it probably wasn’t a compliment.  One of our children’s leaders stated this well a few weeks ago.  “If your name was mentioned one time in the bible, what would you want it to say?”  For men like Enoch and Noah we see they walked with God and were righteous.  For people like Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah and Sabteka, they were sons.  Wh


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