BSF Genesis: Week 11, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures


Psalm 105 God controls famines. Rom 8:28 we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. Yes.

Abraham connived to lie about his wife. Trust in God was missing


12: they will kill me, 13 lie, 15: she was taken int Pharaoh’s house, 17: inflicted serious diseases on Pharaoh, sent on their way

exiled from Egypt. He bore God’s wrath until he plead for forgiveness

Diseases were on Pharaoh and his household, not Abram and Sarai. They were sent with all they had (much wealth)

Same altar he had built and again called on the name of the Lord

Return to the altar, return to the name of the Lord. Even the great patriarchs, chosen by God fell to doubt and self-reliance, but they walked back to God and repented

My Daily Journal:

A “But the Lord…” moment.

I love verse 17a of Genesis 12.  After this action of unbelievable faith Abram has demonstrated, to trust in a God he barely knows and leave everything behind, we see just how human he is.  Not only does he take matters into his own hands, deciding to venture into Egypt, but out of fear for himself he connives to lie, convinces his wife to lie, we don’t even know what has happened to Lot, and puts his wife into a very precarious position of becoming a wife to the Pharaoh.  When Abram takes matters into his own hands so many others are in the line of fire to get hurt, all because of self reliance and fear.  When we head off on our own path, lying comes naturally.  Christ called Satan the “Father of lies”.

But then there is the turning point of the story in 17a.  It begins with the critical words, But the Lord.  God was always in control, whether Abram knew it or not.  Was all of this a test?  It doesn’t say, but did it test Abram? Absolutely.

When teaching you will sometimes let students venture down a path, just to see if they can figure out and learn from their mistakes.  But you don’t let them go too far or get too embedded in that path.  And, if others are misleading them and encouraging them, you step in even sooner to avoid harm.

That is what God does, too.  Satan loves to grease the path.  Why else do you think deceit so often pays off monetarily?  Lying and cheating people do prosper in this world and sin sells.

But we also all have had those “but the Lord” moments.  When God steps in and says enough.  The truth comes out and we reach a pivot point.  Do we fight and deny and continue back down a path of lies and deceit or do we return to the altar and call on the name of the Lord?


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  1. Have you gotten permission from your TL to publish these answers? I’m not meaning to be ungracious but you might be causing a stumbling block to other class members. Because by you posting this they don’t have to do any work.

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