BSF Genesis: Week 12, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


Abram told him to choose.  He chose based on a farming focus: Good land, good water, like the gard, like the land of Egypt, vs 10

Where job is, where land or good housing is available, the quality of the schools

12. he pitched his tents near Sodom, 13. Now the people of Sodom were wicked and sinning gratly against the Lord

Horrific. Lost his wife, his children’s morals twisted to breaking, his own judgment was dispicable (offering daughter)


  • we have troubled hearts and fear because we receive a false peace
  • darkened in understanding, separated from the life of God, ignorant
  • adulterous, friendship w/world=enmity against God. Choose: friend of world=enemy of God
  • do not love the world, lust of flesh, eyes, pride does not come from God. They will pass

As a whole, no. In moments of time, yes.

My Daily Journal:

Every decision matters.  Throughout Genesis the language of walking daily with God comes up over and over again.  It reminds us that, in a walk, every step matters, no step is more or less important than the one before or the next.  In Abram’s life we are reminder that the same fact applies to decisions we make.  Through any trial, whether one of fear of famine, fear of being killed by a pharoah or one of having so much wealth and flocks that the land can’t support all of our possessions, we are given the opportunity to make decisions.  These are every day decisions because trials exist for us every single day.  But each decision, like each step, matters.

It is only by walking with God every day, by spending time in His word, by talking with Him daily and by keeping our eyes on Him that we have the insight to make the right decisions to life’s daily trials.


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