BSF Genesis: Week 14, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures


a. “Shield”  Defensive armor against swords, lances, arrows, usually carried on left arm; A person or thing that protects
b.  Stress and confusion. Self-reliance. Impatience. The attacks of the evil one.
c.  91:4: He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
a.  Children, descendents
b.  While money and possessions are limited resources, the most limited resource we are given to manage is time. I choose to spend my time in prayer and service.
c. Peace. Provision for family especially children. Guidance on direction to serve Him and best help others.My Daily Journal:I think sometimes non-christians think the life of a dedicated christian is one of boredom and self-denial.  Stay away from anything risky.  Sit in church and sing boring hymns and go to sewing circles and spend lots of time being pious and uppity.In reality, a walk of faith is a walk through a battleground.  God does not promises long walks on the beach and floating on clouds.  You don’t need a shield on a beach.  You don’t need angels telling you to “do not be afraid” on a cloud.  While God does not promise a life without difficulty, He does tell us that He will protect us.  I love the Psalm 91:4 verse, to enclose me in feathers, under his wings, to find refuge there.  That by His faithfulness and His righteousness (not mine, but His) I will be protected.  If life was a walk in the park, how would we learn to rely on God.  It is only by allowing us to experience adversity does God teach us to rely on Him and only by learning to rely on Him do we find salvation.


2 thoughts on “BSF Genesis: Week 14, Day 2”

  1. Thank you. I have rushed through these verses before, and you have helped me to slow down and see meaning. Your thoughts were inspiring.

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