BSF Genesis: Week 15, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures



  • circumcise your heart, so that you may love him with all your heart and soul, and live
  • detestable: foreigners uncircumcised in heart and flesh into sanctuary, desecrating the temple
  • not only outward and physical… inwardly, circumcision of the heart

a. through baptism, new birth, buried then raised through faith, from the dead. New creation, debt free because of redemption paid on the cross

b. Impatience. Ask God to help me walk closer with Him each day so I can better see and stay in step with His plans and desires for my life

13. Genesis 17:21 Abram was 99, God made promise that a son would be born by this time next year to Sarah.

My Daily Journal:

Two things stood out to me today.

The first involves circumcision.  OK, all puns aside (and at this point everyone reading this should say an extra prayer for all the children’s leaders who have to include this in their lessons this week!!!).  There are some interesting thoughts.  First to me was the clear fact that this was a sign, not a payment or punishment.  Abraham did not earn God’s blessing by snipping off a piece of unnecessary foreskin, what a ridiculous thought.  Abraham did not earn God’s blessing by suffering.  Abraham didn’t earn anything.  the covenant was by God, from God, to Abraham.  God gave Abraham the gift of being able to carry with him a sign of this covenant.  Something not on display for everyone to see – He didn’t have him tattoo his forehead or cut off his earlobe or pierce his nose.  This was something personal, something that required obedience, but not any significant cost.

Second was the name change.  This promise wasn’t new to Abraham.  God gave him more details, particularly about timing and players, but it was, in essence, the same promise he had given him 10 years before.  But, it was now time to turn the page.  Who ever Abram and Sarai had been before, they weren’t that any longer.  They now were recipients of the promise from God.  The old was gone, the new had come. Whatever baggage they had from before, whatever self focus and doubt, whatever sins and deeds, those all were left behind when God turned the page to the next chapter in their life.

What new chapter does God have planned for me?  I’m grateful for all that he has blessed me with and I’m glad He sees me as a novel and not just a short story!


4 thoughts on “BSF Genesis: Week 15, Day 5”

  1. thank you for your final notes on circumcision , and that God does have a sense of humor- we are not a short story… again final prose… meaningful and enlightening…
    blessings.. always very insightful….

  2. Hi !
    glad to have lesson 15,day 5 . However,after the holiday,I am in lesson
    16 now.If it possible to post lesson 16 soon then I can read your post
    before I attend the class on coming Wednesday.Thanks a lot.
    Bo Bo

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