BSF Genesis: Week 16, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


The men came to force themselves on the men, Lot offered his virgin daughters, they pressed against Lot, SIL’s thought joke, no one in his family even helped prepare the meal – he only had influence over himself and not a great job of that

When he moved there (Gen 13:13) people were wicked and sinning greatly, Gen 14, Lot carried away as captor, 14:122-24 Abraham’s response to King of Sodom when he returned Lot there

Do not pitch tent along side wickedness. leads to more integration – If God pulls out of a bad situation, don’t go back

Not gone back to Sodom after being captured. He must have chosen to go back.

My Daily Journal:

The convicting message to me was what signs and warnings has God graciously placed in my life that I am choosing to ignore and disobey.  All along the choice to be in Sodom had been Lot’s.  God didn’t send him there, he chose.  He didn’t move in then wicked people move next door, they were there first.  He not only lived by there, but he integrated into the community.  There wasn’t a mention of a wife when he moved there, but now he is married and has children.  His children were raised there.  He has a home in town.  He calls the men trying to rape and sodomize the angels his friends (19:7). But the signs of trouble had been there all along.  God had pulled him out of the city in captivity then through Abraham rescued out of being a literal slave.  But Lot chose his own slavery to being surrounded by sin.

What part of my life does God want me to flee?  What warnings has He given me that I choose to deny and ignore?


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