BSF Genesis: Week 18, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures


1. to strengthen him, it is only by exercising our faith that it grows. 2. to honor Abraham by giving him an opportunity to demonstrate his love and obedience 3. to reveal Himself (God himself will provide the lamb), not pay price by own death 4. God knew outcome – not endorsing human sacrifice.

His relationship with God, with his son and even his own confidence in himself grew as a result. He also learned more about God and we did as well.

Take your son, your only son, whom you love.. God himself will provide the lamb…

22.Here I am. 3 Early the next morning… had cut enough wood, 4. On the 3rd day saw place in distance 5. stay we will worship and then come back, 6. placed wood on his son. 8. God himself will provide.9. built altar, arranged wood, bound his son, laid him on the altar. 10. reached out his hand and took the knife to slay his son.

He delights in obedience and sacrifice of the heart.  Rejects those done only out of obligation.

Trust in him entirely for provision for my family

My Daily Journal

1. Faith is a movie not a snapshot.  For several weeks in BSF we have lived with Abraham and been able to glimpse scenes from his life and his walk with God.  It has not been a perfect picture.  Looking at a single snapshot he is either demonstrating great obedience or falling into old sins and habits.  Highs and lows.  Thankfully for him and for us God does not judge us by a single snapshot but by the entire story of our life, remastered through the lens of the atoning sacrifice of his son.  This week we see Abraham’s great strength – obedience.  God calls and he responds in obedience not objection.  God asks for sacrifice and he demonstrates obedience not obligation.  He is prepared to obey completely – gone is the Abraham of partial truths and technicalities (she is my sister) – a burnt sacrifice is all consuming, there is no partial burnt sacrifice, first death then totally consumed in the flames.  Abraham obeys.

2. While I love this story and the lesson it teaches, it is also so very convicting and painful.  I don’t have an issue making any personal sacrifice to God.  Take my health, take my wealth, take my time, reputation, life.  I can be all in for God.  But.  And that is the part that I’m convicted of – it is that But word.

But is is my job to provide for my family.  But it is my job to keep them safe and protected.  But it is my job as a dad and father.  I don’t love my family more than Abraham did.  But I’m convicted because I know in my core I’m still thinking, “God you can take anything from me, but don’t allow harm/hurt to come to my family.”  Then we read these stories of Abraham.  First his oldest son, not only taken from him, but Abraham himself must cast him out into the wilderness.  Next, Isaac.  Then, Sarah.  I know and believe, as our memory verses have stated, there is nothing too hard for the Lord.  I know and believe that I must let go, that my thoughts that I have the power to truly provide or protect is inadequate, especially compared to the Lord’s ability.  But is hard to let go of.


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