BSF Genesis: Week 18, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


h17/g1 God tested Abraham, h17/g10 offered Isaac as sacrifice, h19/g5 resurrect his son – we will return

showed Abraham’s obedience to God, Isaac’s obedience to his father and allowed God to show his love and plan of salvation

He was the perfecter of faith for through the ultimate obedience and sacrifice faith is perfectly demonstrated

There is joy in honoring God and in doing my best for him. Sacrifices are hard, but in denial of sinful self I know that I am honoring God and am closer to Him.

person or thing acting or serving in place of another.

a voice calling from heaven and a ram for the sacrifice

that He sent His only son as an atoning sacrifice for my sins

d. dedication of self and family, willingness to serve as He calls, willingness to rely on Him

Here I am, The LORD will provide

bless you, make descendants numerous as stars/sand. Possess cities of enemies, thorough offspring all nations earth blessed

My Daily Journal:

I love verse 22.  “I swear by myself, declares the Lord…”  I can hear God saying, “I swear in the name of, well, Me….”  One of the other leaders told me he saw a cartoon that asked the question, what do you say to God if he sneezes?

I think part of the message in this is that faith is not a possession, it is something to be lived out.  It is not a pair of shoes you lock away, it is something you wear and use.  It is only through the exercise of faith that God can use it to His glory.  Hide it under a bushel? No!

Where do I need to take my faith for a walk?

How do I need to trust more in the Lord?

Am I giving thanks to God for the provisions He has given me?  Is my first response to that provision the same that Abraham demonstrated – by immediately wanting to use it to give back and honor God?


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