BSF Genesis: Week 19, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures


Left everything he owned to Isaac, while living gave gifts to other sons (sent them away) Isaac and Ishmael came together to bury their father.

Isaac lived in the Negev in Beer Lahai Roi, Ishmael lived in the Desert of Paran

This map shows both places (Beer Lahai Roi is at the southwest edge of Canaan)

Blessings of kind words from a believer
Prayed for BSF children and co-leaders, my family, my church and my employees

My Daily Journal:

I thought it interesting that Isaac was living in the place that was named by Hagar in Genesis 16 when God saw her after she fled while pregnant with Ishmael.  Clearly Isaac and Ishmael knew each other because they unite to bury their father.  Despite everything else that has occurred, it is the provision of their father that unites them.  While Isaac provided for all of his children, there were 2 things very special.  1. He did not try to renegotiate, circumvent or divide God’s promise.  God had promised this land through Isaac to his descendents and Abraham made sure everyone else was moved off of it.  2.  Abraham provided a foundation of faith in God to his children.  While that seed did not necessarily take in all of them, it was planted and cultivated and we know, particularly with Isaac and Ishmael that God himself watered and cared for it.

Staying true to God’s word and promises and cultivating faith in our children.  Isn’t that what we should strive for as Christian parents?


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