BSF Genesis: Week 23, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Isaachar, Zebulun, (Dinah), Joseph, Benjamin

God’s love for us is not based on anything we do or earn, but it is an outpouring from him.  When we model love differently, we do not follow the example of the creator

Each time she bore a son she praised God for his comfort in what was really paining her heart.  We need to do so joyfully.

Her husband’s love and to not live in the shadow of her younger sister.  I think so because she was buried in the tomb of the patriarchs, with her husband, and her family

Jesus was born through the tribe of Judah, Leah’s 4th son

God is a long term thinker and giver.  We grow impatient in a few minutes or hours, God looks to eternity

My Daily Journal:

I found the change in Leah’s naming of her sons to be very interesting.  Leah saw each of her sons as a gift from God.  She praised him and honored him for who he was and for giving her these gifts.  But we see the way she planned to use those gifts change with each child.

The gift of Reuben was like a bargaining chip to gain the love of her husband.  The gift of Simeon and Levi were the same.  Surely my husband will love me now.

These gifts were like many of us see good deeds today.  Surely this buys me favor with others.  Surely this will enable me to deserve what I desire and don’t have today.

But then, with Judah, something changes.  The gift of the child is no longer something thought of as a tool or token to gain the loving relationship of a distant human.  Everything in the naming of Judah had to do with the relationship between Leah and God.  “This time I will praise the Lord.”

Is it any wonder that it was through this son’s descendents that God sent His own son?  What gifts from God am I trying to leverage into something I want from someone else instead of appreciating them as gifts from the one who loves me unconditionally and gives me everything?


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