BSF Genesis: Week 26, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures


As prophecy of things to come.  To give Joseph guidance and fortitude

He wasn’t street smart or worldly wise, but, is it unwise to share visions from above?

Keep your audience in mind when delivering something sacred, the sweetness will turn to bitterness when mixed with their emotions and contempt

He was his father’s favorite.  He was a dreamer. They were jealous of him and he came across to them as being arrogant

My Daily Journal:

I liked the discussion on Matthew 7:6, “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”  While my answer stemmed from the viewpoint of the giver in the sentence, it is interesting to turn the tables and look at it from the opposite perspective.

Joseph’s brothers, and even father for that matter, were only able to see Joseph’s dream through the goggles of their own sinful heart.  They couldn’t rejoice for him that God might someday make him a king or ruler, they couldn’t see the blessings that might flow to them if he achieved such a stature.  They could only see him as something less than themselves.  What nerve for him to have such a dream.  Who does he think he is?  We need to knock him back down a few notches.

There is an old saying, when you lay down with dogs you get fleas.  In the same way, when you wallow in sin, you get dirty like a pig.  This is where Joseph’s family was.  With itchy fleas and mud-caked flesh, how could they have possibly seen God’s providential blessing for their brother and son?

But how often do I do the same thing.  My own sin clouds my ability to see God’s blessing.  My sin distracts me and irritates me so that I miss rejoicing and come across as upset, irritated or distracted.  Like Joseph’s brothers, the sin in my heart can make it so I can’t look past the mud.

But, that is also the beauty of the analogy of this scripture.  Through the saving grace of Jesus, God offers to wash my sins away and cloth me in new garments.  He offers to remove the scales from my eyes, as he healed the blind time and again.  All I need do is the same thing Joseph’s family should have done, repent my sin and seek the cleansing power of my loving Father.


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