BSF Genesis: Week 26, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


He had created the divide through his favoritism.   He pledged to mourn until he died

Until this had occurred the Isrealites would not have survived the famine because without Joseph in Egypt they would not have had access to food.  In Egypt the flourished for many years, became enslaved, then were set free by God.

thrown in well, clothes stolen, sold into slavery, sold to Potiphar, falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, imprisoned, promised to be remembered by cupbearer but forgotten, 2 years pass,

favored in Potiphar’s house, put in charge, fortitude to not sleep with Potiphar’s wife, God with him in prison, put in charge of prisoners, ability to interpret dreams, survived dungeon, honored by Pharoah


My Daily Journal:

I think we see the years of craftiness and cunning that characterized Jacob’s life fully on display with Reuben and Judah.  Their over-arching desire was to “fit in.”  To fit in with a group, especially one with a moral compass that would conclude that it is a good idea to murder their own brother, means you have to shave a bit off the edges.  Think of it literally.  We are a stone crafted by the Master, square and true, finely measured.  But, that stone won’t fit in with a bunch of crooked other stones.  There are three choices: either help the other stones get straight with God, find other stones to connect with or start shaving off bits and pieces of your own self to fit in.

Reuben and Judah both made weak attempts to save Joseph.  Both helped keep him from death.  But neither still had the moral character, the true shape that matches the cornerstone of the church, that enabled them to stand up to the wrong thinking and action of their brothers.  That would have meant they didn’t fit in, just like Joseph didn’t, and we see how that went.

But Christ did not do that.  He shaved off nothing.  He did not conform to the world, and it hated Him for it.  He did not try to fit in with the vision that the religious leaders had, He stayed true to the task the Father had charged Him with.

Fitting in is only a good thing when those who you are trying to fit in with are true and level.


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