BSF Genesis: Week 27, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures


Lord is present, Lord gives success, Lord is with people (like Joseph)

Shows kindness and grants favor

Be strong and courageous for God is with us wherever we may go.  Expects obedience

Obedience, avoidance of sin, walking in the path of the righteous, meditating on the law (the scriptures) day and night

He was trustworthy.  Potiphar was a leader of men and he saw Joseph’s trustworthiness and character.  These were not of his own, but a gift from God who continued to bless him and bless everything he did (to the benefit of Potiphar)

Faith in God and in His promises delivered through dreams and a walk with the Lord.  He had sustained Joseph through everything so far

through prosperity

My Daily Journal:

Potiphar trusted Joseph because Joseph was trustworthy.  Joseph was worthy of trust (trustworthy) not because of his own background, status, heritage, power, position or wealth but because Joseph trusted God.  Joseph showed his obedience to God by trusting in Him.  God showed his love for Joseph and his power and mercy by blessing everything that Joseph oversaw.

So what does obedience and trust mean.  Our Joshua 1 and Psalm 1 references are great illustrations, and I love the way they paint the picture.  As parents we learned that it is important not only to teach your kids what not to do but to teach them what to do instead.  I remember teaching woodworking.  It was important to not only say, don’t put your hand there, but to also say, put your hands here and here instead.

These aren’t do’s and don’ts, but proper methods of teaching and learning.  Don’t be afraid, don’t be terrified, don’t be discouraged but instead be strong, be courageous, obey the laws, know that God is with you wherever you may go.  Do not walk in step with the wicked, do not stand in the way that sinners take, do not sit in the company of mockers, but instead delight in the law, meditate on it day and night, stand in the assembly of the righteous.


2 thoughts on “BSF Genesis: Week 27, Day 2”

  1. Just want to say thank you so very much for sharing your answers….I find it so very helpful…it’s been a blessing to me….Thank you ! ~Gwen Meacham

    1. Thank you for your very kind comments. It brings me a lot of joy to be able to put together my daily journal and take a deeper dive into God’s Word!

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