02.2 BSF Matthew: Lesson 2, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

Imagine the shock the Magi must have experienced.  They came from afar to worship the newly born King of the Jews.  They came to the logical place, the seat of power for the Jewish nation, to the royal palace – this is where you would expect the long awaited King to be, right?  But instead they found – disturbed people!  Why wasn’t everyone worshiping this King?  They knew who the Magi were talking about.  Herod himself called together the priests and teachers and asked them “where the Messiah was to be born.”  He knew exactly who the Magi sought.

You would think after all these years of anticipation they would be falling over themselves to meet and worship the Messiah.  But that would have meant letting go of their anticipation.  They were comfortable in anticipation.  They understood it.  They had built entire structures and positions around it.  It was ingrained in their lives, meals, even their calendar.  The messiah showing up would mess all that up!

How we do the same!  We know the love God has for us and the calling He has on our life, but we are comfortable.  We pray for comfort and peace.  For the easy and comfortable path.  God calls us to be bold, to obey no matter what, and to trust that he not only has our back, but also our front and top and sides, inside and out.  But it is hard to let go.

I am praying this year for boldness and obedience.  I don’t know what God has in mind, but I know it is bigger and better than anything I can imagine.  I know there will be “Herod’s” along the way, but God is bigger.

My Answers:

Jesus (born), Magi (came to Jerusalem, asked, saw star, came to worship), Herod (disturbed), All Jerusalem (with Herod), Chief priest & teachers (knew promise of Messiah), Herod (secretive, found exact time of star, sent Magi to Bethlehem, ordered to report back to him, lied)

Jesus is as He always was.  Some who are wise actively seek Him to show honor and praise.  Some, particularly those with power, seek only their own preservation of power, some who are followers, blindly follow the leaders.  Wise men seek the one true Lord.

I am a wise man because I have heard and seen the calling of my Lord and God.  I was lost and blind and I still stumble and fall (way too often).  But, I “get up” and seek to be obedient in honoring my God

Origins from old, from ancient times

come from Judah, from Bethlehem

Ruler over Israel


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