05.4 BSF Matthew Week 5, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

I am a firm believer in the art of management by catching people doing things right.  I believe that recognizes and rewarding the positives is far more valuable than a constant focus of the opposite.

A few years ago I was a children’s leader for level 2 which would be 3rd and 4th graders.  I had brought stickers and while my co-leader was given the lecture/lesson I was wondering through the children.  As I saw kid’s focused and paying attention I very quietly leaned over and gave them a sticker for their nametag and a quick “thank you for paying such great attention.”

I was doing this and one little guy noticed and immediately stopped shuffling around and started paying attention to my co-leader.  After a few moments I gave him a sticker.  Almost immediately after which he went back to being distracted and a bit of a distraction to others.  Instead of addressing him, I continued what I was doing and soon gave a young lady sitting next to him a second sticker with another thank you because she was continuing to stay focused.  The little boy immediately snapped his face up and me and said, “wait… we can get more than one?”

I think we often approach the rewards of God the same way.  We are saved and confident of our place in heaven so we can go back to the distractions of this world.  But God’s rewards are infinite and not limited to “just one.”

Do you think you will receive God’s reward should not be a yes/no question.  How much treasure do you want to store up in heaven to be able to lay at the feet of the One who gave it all to you?  How trusted do you want to be?  How much do you want to stand in fellowship with the saints and prophets?

My Answers:

5:12 Rejoice & be glad heaven reward same as prophets

6:3 Do not seek return on acts from men, lose heavenly reward

6:22 Hatred of men, exclusion & insult, rewarded in heaven b/c doing right

19:11 Trustworthy in little things, rewarded with great things

3:8 according to own labor

3:23 according to dilligence

10:35 Confident in heavenly reward

11:6 Faith alone is pleasing to God

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This isn’t a black/white, on/off.  I am trustworthy, but could be more trustworthy, I’m confident, but could be moreso, I have faith and every day that I read and pray and spend time with God, it grows


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