08.3 BSF Matthew Week 8, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

My wife gets some friendly teasing from her group for her passion for getting deep into God’s word and looking up the Greek behind our English biblical words.  She jokingly said this morning that she looked up the word “knock” in Greek and it means to “knock, as on a door.”

While she said this tongue in cheek, it is actually a very relevant point.

Lots of people ask.  They scream out in their words and actions.  Some people seek.  They look for answers.  They look for help.  But knocking – that is something different.

You can ask from afar and anonymously.  You can seek answers from unreliable sources.  We have a neighbor who asks her deepest questions to Google search like some sort of magic eight ball to give guidance to her life.

But knocking requires personal action and personal involvement.  To knock in prayer, you have to show up on God’s doorstep.  You have to know the right house, the right door.  You must spiritually get up and carry your prayers to Him.  You have to extend your hand.  You have to take action, engage directly and personally.

God does not just want our requests and wishes, He wants our connection with Him.  He doesn’t want us to just phone it in, He wants us to enter His home.

My Answers:

Ask, Seek, Knock

Yes, sick child, guidance for another child, restful sleep for spouse

The promise of the Holy Spirit.  Good gifts could mean any blessing, but the H/S is the ultimate gift and blessing

The ultimate answer to prayer (according to God’s will) is salvation and reconciliation.  He purchased that gift for us while we were still sinner (Rom 5:8), but we still must choose to accept the gift and submit to Him

God is not a vending machine that you insert prayer and out pops blessings or your get your own way.  God does what is in His will and His mercy out of love.  All prayer is heard and answered, some not as we wish for teaching/change

It fits unselfish love.  God has nothing to gain through prayer, but through His love of us He delights in giving


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