09.2 BSF Matthew Week 9, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

In today’s lesson we see the first “I am” statement of Jesus recorded in the gospels.  “I am willing”. This is different than saying I will.  It is not a promise of some future fulfillment, it is an attribute of who Jesus is and an insight into the grace for which He came to earth.

“The prescribed ritual for the healed “leper” is of interest. Three separate ceremonies are required: for the first day (Lev. 14:2–8; also invoked for houses, 14:48–53), the seventh (14:9), and the eighth (14:10–32). The first-day ritual is performed by the priest outside the camp or city from which the “leper” has been banished. Cedar wood, crimson cloth, and a live bird are dipped into an earthen vessel containing a mixture of fresh water and the blood of a second bird. The “leper” (or “leprous” house) is sprinkled with this mixture seven times, after which the live bird is set free. The “leper” is admitted into the camp or city after he washes his clothes, shaves all his hair, and bathes, but he is not allowed to enter his residence. That is permitted him on the seventh day after shaving, laundering, and bathing again. On the eighth day he brings to the sanctuary oil and sheep for various offerings – whole, meal, purification, and reparation. The whole and purification animals may be commuted to birds if the “leper” is poor. However, the reparation lamb and log of oil may not be changed, because the blood of the lamb and the oil are needed to daub the “leper’s” right ear lobe, right thumb, and right big toe.” from: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ejud_0002_0012_0_12153.html

How interesting that readmission into fellowship required the blood of a lamb and anointing with oil.  The sacrificial lamb and the anointing oil of a King with no substitution allowed.

How interesting that Jesus did not just seek just to heal the leper, but He sought to make repairs of not only his body but his connection with others.  This is a man who would have been denied for some time the feel of any human contact.  Not only would others have been afraid of catching his disease, but it would have made them unclean and prohibited them from their worship.  But Jesus’ first action is to touch him.  And, even knowing that the now healed leper would disobey and fail to return to the synagogue and submit to the law, Jesus still healed him.  That disobedience had a cost which Jesus also bore.

My Answers:

Simple prayer – prayer of faith, not begging – Knowing that God has the power

Reached out and touched the man with leprosy

Filled with compassion

I am willing, be clean, don’t tell, go do the sacrifices commanded

healed him and sought to reconnect him to the community, but the man disobeyed, which prevented Jesus from going into towns

His care for the leper – That he didn’t just want to heal, but for reparation


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