13.5 BSF Matthew Week 13, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

There was a beauty in the interpretation of the “field” in this parable.  In one part, it clearly was an individual, their own personal heart/faith.  In another it was the church or body of all believers, producing a harvest together.  We may think of this as a duality, a use of the same illustration for two different purposes.  But I don’t think that is accurate.

Instead, I think it reflects how Jesus views us.  We are simultaneously individuals and the collective body.  We are personal and unified.  We are one and many.  We are a heart and body.  Just as Jesus is a man, He is also unified with the Father and Holy Spirit as God.

And then the lesson within it.  We fixate.  We see one stain and we can’t let it go, we see one weed and we can’t wait to yank it out.  But it isn’t our job.  God has it covered.  He knows exactly what to do and when to do it.  We do not need to concern ourselves with pointing out every wrong in others to weed them out.  We need to sow more seeds and produce more fruit.  It has always been this way, it always will.

The church is full of sinners.  My life is still filled with rocks and weeds and I trip and fall.  God doesn’t require purity for admission, He requires admission of Himself into our hearts so that He can create purity in them.  Psalm 51: create in me a clean heart!

My Answers:

Son of Man – The devil

The Sons of the Kingdom

the world

The sons of the evil one

The end of the age


Deceitful – conniving

While pulling the weeds you uproot the wheat with them – let both grow together til the harvest

those who wish to bring harm to Christianity populate themselves within the midst of the church

The righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father


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