18 BSF Matthew Week 18, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

Small faith vs. Little faith:  Jesus praises small faith but chastises His disciples for having little faith.  The image it brought to my mind was of a plant, reminiscent of the parable of the sower and the seeds.

A small plant is one just beginning to grow.  It is at a tender stage, but full of potential and power.  It reaches hungrily to the sun.  It digs roots in deep to feed on nourishment.

In contrast, a little plant is one that is failing to thrive.  Instead of continuing to dig in and grow tall and majestic, it has gotten twisted around itself.  It lives only partially in the sunlight.  It relies on existing roots and does not continue to dig deeper.

Imagine the frustration of the farmer who has planted strong seed and nourished it through the initial stages of growth, only to see it failing.  He knows the potential.  He sees the strength it can have, but, only if it chooses.

Jesus does help us with our unbelief.  He has given us His Word, the bible.  He has given us His church.  He has given us the promise of salvation and the ability to converse with Him daily in prayer.

But how often do we fail to thrive, to feed on His nourishment, to accept His strength?  We need to be bold.  We need to dig in to His foundation.  We need to bask in the light of our creator.  When we do – what we could do for Him in His name!!!

My Answers:

a. a man, a father
b. Lord have mercy on my son, seizures and suffering – heal him
c. the disciples
d.  You unbelieving and perverse generation, how long shall I stay with you/put up with you: bring
e. I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief
f. doubt – little faith

All, physical, spiritual, power over all that has been created, power over death.  A full measure.  According to Gods will

Small faith is freshly planted and growing, little faith is failing to mature and thrive.  It is not being nourished in prayer and study and trust

To trust more fully in God for everything – To fully know and live life in the fact that His will will be done.

To be bold.  To trust in the power He has given to His believers to take action that brings honor to Him.


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