24 BSF Matthew Week 24, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

To know with certainty that something is going to happen and to then live and act as if it is not going to happen is, by definition, foolishness.

In the short term, we are all going to die.  In the long term, we will all face judgment.  Even those who would deny God, know they will some day die and inherently believe in justice.  A belief in justice demands judgment.  If it did not, then why would they abide by laws or have any moral code?

We don’t like talking about it or thinking about it, but that does not change the reality.  So what does a wise person do?  Prepare in a way that lasts and keep watch.  In the parable of the servants, Jesus makes clear this isn’t simply the act of posting a look-out, someone to sound the alarm when the time is near.  Instead, this is a joyful anticipation.  This is a family waiting for a loved one to return from doing a tour of duty in another land.  This is a celebration of a life event such as graduation or wedding.  It is an event that calls forth longing and desire for the day to come.

The gospel will be preached to the whole world as testimony.  The end will come.  And although both heaven and earth will pass away, the Word, Jesus Christ, will never pass away.

My Answers:

Marrying, eating, drinking, i.e., living everyday life

Earth corrupt and full of violence, thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time, the people had corrupted their ways. But, the faithful “did everything just as Go commanded him”

The servant waited anxiously for the return of the master with joy

The servant was trusted and put in charge during the master’s absence, but the servant was wicked and bet the other servants and abused the master’s possessions, when the master unexpectedly returns the servant will be cut to pieces and there will be gnashing of teeth

You have been entrusted as a faithful servant, but stay true to the Master – He will return and just rewards will follow

Bring forth God’s treasure to others, stay connected to Christ through communion with Him and His church, care for and feed “his sheep”

Matt 22:42 – Keep watch, watch with joyful anticipation for the return of the loved and honored Master

flee, do not go out, do not be deceived, do not go back or turn, expect great distress, false prophets and false messiahs, vultures, wars, earthquakes, signs of heaven

14.  This gospel will be preached in the whole world as testimony, then the end will come. 35. Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away


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    Could you please kindly send me Week 25 and 26 lessons to me. I really appreciate. Thanks for sending Week 24 Day 5 to me. Looking forward to hear from you again.


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