27.4 BSF Matthew Week 27, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

Restitution: recompense for injury or loss.

Recompense: make amends to (someone) for loss or harm suffered; compensate.

In our common understanding, for justice to exist there must be restitution and recompense for wrongs committed against another.  For example, if I break your window, it is only just that I pay to have the window repaired or replaced.  Anything less is unfair and unjust.  Even when there is an act of forgiveness, the need for repair doesn’t just vanish, it shifts to someone else (most commonly the one giving forgiveness) to pay the price.  Again, for there to be resolution, the broken window can’t stay broken forever.

But what about when the wrong is something that cannot be set right again?  That is the situation that we find with Peter and Judas.

Peter knew who Jesus was.  He had professed it through the power of the Holy Spirit in Matthew 16:16.  But during the time that he should have been praying, having been warned that Satan had asked to sift him as wheat, he slept.  Not once, but 3 times.

When temptation came through a young girl, but really through his own fear, he faltered and denied that he knew Jesus.  Not once, but 3 times.

He had no way of taking back that he slept.  You can’t “unsleep”.  He couldn’t stay awake at a different time to make up for it.  He had no way of taking back the words that he said.  Acknowledging Jesus in the future wouldn’t change his denial.

The same with Judas.  He tried to give back the 30 coins.  He spoke aloud of Jesus as an innocent man.  But his action was not so easily reversed.

Neither man had the capacity to “make things right” nor could they ever have that capacity on their own.  It was a dead end road that led off the side of a cliff.

Both men felt regret and sorrow, but only one man made a U-Turn.  Only one man would run to the empty tomb.  Only one man would profess his love to the one who paid the price for his wrong.

Jesus’ prayer for Peter wasn’t that he would live in a bubble and avoid all temptation. Luke 22:32, “But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”

Turning back is the critical component.


My Answers:

1. profession: You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God, Mt16:16, 2. temptation: Satan asked to sift you as wheat, L22:31, 3. Jesus prophecies, L22, 4. Jesus Prays for Peter, 5. Peter in denial (die before), 6. Prophecy fulfilled – temptation 7. stronger

when I am tempted and attempt to rely on my own strength instead of Christ’s

denial not betrayal. repent not regret, strengthen others not suicide

Acts 2:14, Peter addresses the crowd and converts 3000

regret is a bad or sad feeling. repentance acknowledges sin against God and requests His forgiveness then change

premeditated (30 silver Mt26:14-16 ). Free choice (Jesus predicts and offers bread to Judas, Judas took bread) J13:27

Annas to Jesus about disciples and teaching: All in the open ask anyone, nothing wrong; servant girl to Peter, you a disciple? No. Peter asked if he was with Jesus, no threat, no injury, no abuse, no bonds, just questions from simple people. Jesus accused by powerful foes who want to kill him


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