28.3 BSF Matthew Week 28, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

How do you approach difficult situations?  I asked myself this as we studied our lesson this week.  I tend to shy away, to hide, to pull back.  Given a painful procedure, I am first in line for anesthesia or anything else to numb the pain.

But our Lord’s approach was different.  He knew exactly what would happen, but did not shy away.  He entered it naked, boldly, without anything to numb the pain.  He had come to this planet to suffer and die.  This was his mission, his purpose for taking on human flesh.

Adam and Eve had hid and clothed themselves out of shame when they committed original sin.  Jesus now, for all humanity of all time, shed that hiding and clothing to take the full shame for our sin.  None of it did He deserve, since He was without sin, but all of it he did and took on to fully pay the price for us.

Through Moses, God’s chosen people were instructed to take hyssop branches and paint the blood of the perfect lamb across the door.  With God’s only son, the perfect lamb of God, hanging on the cross, we took hyssop branches and dipped them in bitterness and painted it across the lips of our Messiah.  We had nothing to offer and what we did offer was of no value and actually caused pain.

My Answers:

Fulfillment of prophecy.  He did not choose to be drugged, he kept his senses and chose when to release his life.  He took the bitter drink of the cup.  The wine turned to vinegar.  He had prophesied at the last supper would not again until entered the kingdom – that was this point.

soldiers cast lots for them (not torn)

Adam & Even clothed themselves out of shame.  Jesus returned to original state of being to remove original sin.  He took on our shame that we tried to hide.  He had no need to clothes because he would soon be clothed in robes of righteousness



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