01.5 Moses 1, Day 5

Denial of Pharaoh’s plan by his daughter in the Nile (da’ Nile)

Sometimes it seems like God is just showing off.  This is one of those times.

  1. A prophet born in a time where all boy births were illegal.
  2. The one through which God would write the laws and the first 5 books of the bible, was afloat in a basket of papyrus, the material used to make the scrolls on which Pharaohs laws had been written.
  3. Nursed through infancy with payment to his mother from Pharaoh’s own treasury
  4. Raised in Pharaoh’s own house, trained by his trainers, protected by his guards, fed his food
  5. Raised by Pharaoh’s own daughter in collusion with her servants, who were on his payroll in his house.
  6. And, I may be dense, but if you are an evil dad and you’ve decreed that all Hebrew baby boys are thrown in the river and one day your daughter who hasn’t been pregnant shows up with a baby boy whose name translates into “I drew him out of the water”… You shouldn’t need to buy a vowel to solve that puzzle.


But with all of these outlandish events, it is also important to notice the small and almost mundane ways that God moved.  Jochebed “saw” that Moses “was a fine child” (Ex 2:2).  His sister stood at a distance to keep watch (Ex 2:4).  Pharaoh’s daughter “saw the basket”, “saw the baby”, she “heard him cry” and she “felt sorry for him.” (Ex 2:5-6)

As we await the promise of God of the second coming of Jesus Christ we continue to see God’s hand.  Sometimes we see Him in grandiose ways, but more often in small and almost mundane ways in our daily lives.   We see little things.  We stand at a distance and keep watch.  We hear. And, probably most frequently, we feel God moving in our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Yes, you should test those things in your life against the word of scripture, but don’t live in denial of the fact that, if you have accepted Jesus Christ into your heart (and even if you haven’t), He is in control and moving in your life.

p.s., (I couldn’t resist getting that one last “da nile” of the fact in there)

My Answers:

Kept him hidden for 3 months, safe in Nile (no animals, no drowning), spotted by Pharaoh’s daughter first, he cried she felt sorry, knew what he was , Miriam asked for the sale, raised by his family, adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter

Circumcision.  Also, what other boy baby would be alone in the Nile river?

vigilance, boldness, faithfulness, trust, ability to ask for the sale

Nursed, nurtured, bonded

wealth, education, privilege, power, confidence, health, food, nurturing, strength, speech, action

wealth, education, privilege, power, confidence, health, food, nurturing, strength, speech, action, love, training in God and how to live as a Christian, examples of how to serve

Through the worst of hardships, God’s hand is present and guiding all into place.  Even in a hopeless situation (placing your baby in the river), God is faithful and true


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