02.4 Moses 2, Day 4

Become a Foreigner

Exodus 2:23 describes this time as a “long period”.  Things were not good no matter who you were or where you were.  It was a dark period of time.

The Hebrews continued to be oppressed.  The King of Egypt died, but things did not improve for them.  If anything, they probably got worse.  Relationships between the shepherds and Moses new family would not have improved.  Moses was no longer welcome in Egypt or by his people in bondage in Egypt.

But Moses had a son and in that son he was reminded of hope.

This long period of despair would pass.  This inability to do something meaningful with his life would not last forever.  Moses was not going to settle in this land of darkness and despair.  The birth of his son reminded him that he was a foreigner in this “long period”.  This was not where he belonged.  This was not how things were meant to be.  This was not the extent of God’s plan for Moses or the Hebrews or Egypt or the world.

When you go through a “long period” of darkness do you begin to accept and settle?  When you look around and feel powerless, do you give up hope and accept this is just how things are always going to be?  We, like Moses, must remind ourselves this is not the extent of God’s plan.  This broken, messed up world is not how things are always going to be.  God has promised much, much, much more.  We are called to become foreigners in a foreign land, not people who settle in darkness and despair.  We are walking through the valley of death, not moving in as permanent residents.

I believe that every time Moses called out the name of his son, he renewed his confidence in hope and confidence in God.  We can do the same each time we call out the name of God’s son, Jesus.


My Answers:

He didn’t have anywhere else to go.  He was invited into a family.

It was not home – lived as a foreigner in a foreign land

when I recognize how my views and life differ so significantly to those around me.  My practice of serving and honoring God as opposed to serving and honoring self.

That I am to live as a missionary here on earth because my real home is in heaven

Patience, shepherding, joined the family of a priest with 7 daughters. To learn that it was not about him – it is about God!


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