06 Moses 6, Day 5

God’s People Celebrate God

It is OK to rejoice in the Lord.

Many of you will read that and think: of course it is.  But for others, and frankly for all of us at certain times, we can get so caught up in the needs all around us that we feel too guilty to celebrate.  What have we done to celebrate anyway?  Isn’t it prideful to rejoice in your own well being?  Isn’t it prideful to sing and dance? Isn’t it wrong to party when there is still so much to do?

But it is OK to rejoice in the Lord.

When we rejoice in the things God has done, we simultaneously rejoice in the things He is doing now and He will do in the future.  They are all the same.  In the same way that God is in all places and all times (our past, present and future) simultaneously, giving thanks in free flowing spiritual worship and praise honors Him in all times and all places.  He is the “I Am that I Am”.

What joy there would have been to have been at the Hebrew party.  Not only the freedom, but the shock and awe that this was their God.  This God chose them.  This God, who redeemed them and brought them out of Egypt and defeated the entire Egyptian army in one night with out a single Israelite injury… this God was their God.

This God, who not only kept his word but reunited them as brothers and sisters, as His children.  Imagine the emotion between Moses and Miriam.  His brother Aaron came out of Egypt and met him, but Miriam most likely would have continued to be a slave.  But now they are free and reunited.  The baby brother that she kept watch over in a basket in the Nile is now 80 years old and being used by God in a mighty way.

So, Sing!  Dance!  Pull out your tambourine or drum and take it to your BSF meeting and shake it and beat it while you sing the hymns.  But do it not to bring glory or attention to yourself, but to freely turn yourself over to praise and communion of Him.

And as you sing and as you dance remember: That mighty right hand that God reached out to defeat all the gods of Egypt including the entire Egyptian army… Jesus Christ, our Lord and King and our brother, sits at that very same right hand.  He has full and eternal access to all of that power and He has chosen to take it and turn into into His own sacrifice so that He can invite us back into a perfect relationship with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit to join into the eternal dance of the Trinity and to dwell with Him in holiness for all eternity.

Don’t forget your tambourines!

My Answers:

v6. Your right hand, Lord, was majestic in power.  Your right hand, Lord, shattered the enemy.
Christ sat down at that very same right hand.  All of the power of that right hand is directed through His loving touch

My enemies hide.  They crouch at the doorway.  They lurk in the shadows.  They seek to sift me. But the Lord is my strength and my protector.  Though I am weak and afraid, He is mighty and in Him and with Him in me I am made strong and holy.

By sharing His amazing love with others, through serving, through writing, through encouraging and teaching

Lead the people He had redeemed and guide them into His holy dwelling, protecting from all enemies to be brought into His sanctuary – Ultimately, bring them into Heaven

God had promised it and God had kept all His promises.  Everything God had said happened exactly as God had said it would.

Hope that I can encourage and strengthen not only my own family but future generations to be bold in following the will of God


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