08.2 Moses 8, Day 2

That would change everything

One of the things I appreciate about BSF is the thought and prayer that goes into not only the daily lessons themselves, but the grouping of information or topics together.  Looking ahead to this week is a prime example.  Many of us would have placed the focus on the 10 commandments.  We tend to dive right into the details of the shalts and shalt nots in those verses.  But the commandments are not the main point.  They are daily application points to help us learn and keep us on the right path while also showing us that our own efforts, no matter how diligent, are always insufficient when compared to the standard of perfection.  But even that isn’t the main point – the aim.

The main point of our lesson this week is the covenant.  You are a treasured possession of God.  You are a priest in a kingdom of priests.  You are holy in a holy nation.  Even though we did not and do not obey God fully and keep His covenant, Jesus did and yet sacrificed His own life to pay the ransom to buy back ours.

Each week in our BSF lesson, some of the questions are personal or application directed questions.  Today we were asked “how have you responded.”  My adult son attends BSF and he has been bringing a young man with him who is here from another country which has been closed to the open teaching of the gospel.  As they sat by each other or rode together he noticed that this young man answered all the fact based questions and the other questions but left the application questions blank.  Finally, after a few weeks my son had the opportunity to ask him about this.  His reply was that he was learning and thinking about God and Jesus and trying to decide what to do.  But, he said, “if this is really true, well, then that would change everything.”

The covenant of God, both the old covenant to Abraham reconfirmed in Exodus and the new covenant through Jesus as we read in 1 Peter 2:9-10 does change everything.  Does our response reflect that fact?

My Answers:

Deliverance doesn’t just mean set free, it means delivered, as a gift.  God delivered His people, with the care of a loving parent, to Himself

If you obey me fully and keep my covenant

1. out of all nations you will be my treasured possession, 2. you will be for me a kingdom of priests, 3. a holy nation

By declaring the praises of Him who called me out to darkness.  By teaching and spreading the message of the mercy He has shown me.

By appearing in His mightiness (something He had been doing) and speaking to Moses in a voice the people could hear

God is holy, He is the King of kings.  he is to be approached with reverence and preparation and at the proper time and place.

We have been delivered out of sin into His presence, justified through faith, brought back into peace through the grace that Jesus personified when He died and then defeated death to sit with God the Father in heaven


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