10.5 Moses 10, Day 5

A special calling

Over and over again, as I study the bible, I’m struck by how upside down man’s ways are to God’s ways.

First, you are not an accident, some random product of unplanned and unexpected events.  I don’t have a problem with the idea that things evolve and change over time, but who wants to believe they are nothing but a random accident?  I believe I am here for a purpose and that there is a specific purpose and calling for my life.

But even though, as Christians, we believe this, we still can get things turned around.  First, we start with us.  We are born, we have a number of experiences and preferences and training and relationships, we accept Jesus, we look for our mission or calling and then we pray to be equipped for that role.

But look at it in reverse and we get a better view of God’s perspective.  First, God plans a special mission or calling for you.  Then Jesus and the Holy Spirit go to work aligning time and place and experience and training and relationships.  Then you are born.

We saw today how God had a mission for two specific craftsmen in the construction of the tabernacle.  God didn’t look around and review the resumes of the Isrealites to see who would be the best.  He selected these men to be in this place at this time with these gifts and talents before they were ever born.  He has done the same for me and you.

Finally, here is an aside so that you won’t ever forget the names of the craftsmen.  Not only did God bless them with appropriate talents, but He also gave them perfect names.  Bezalel, sounds just like Bedazzle, without the duh. What a perfect name for the interior decorator!  And his helper is name Oholiab, which sounds like Oh-Holy-Ab, and he would need some Holy Abs of Steel for the heavy lifting he would need to do.  I hope this makes you smile and helps you remember their names.


My Answers:

the prayers of God’s people

at morning and twilight so that it will burn regularly

There are times I should stop and pray, but also, my prayers should be constantly before the Lord

before entering the tent of meeting

washed daily – daily repent and receive the cleansing

They would die

cut off from the people

These things were holy and sacred (set apart) – using them for self or others would be self worship or, at a minimum, putting self at the same level as God

filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills

All different, all appointed by God to serve God

To serve – to connect – to teach


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