The Pursuit of God – Chapter 1

Following Hard After God



We are called to seek a deeper and wider relationship with God alone for God to fill every part of our heart and soul with His glory.



Current teaching in churches is centered on “accepting Christ”, a term not found in the bible.  But this is just the beginning of a treasured relationship between God and my soul that is personal and essential and fulfilling.


Part I:

We may pursue God only because He first sought us

  • Prevenient grace: God seeks me/you first
  • Without grace, sinful man unable to think any right thought about God
  • We have no credit in finding God
  • Impulse to pursue God starts with God
  • While we pursue God, already in His hand
  • Yet, reciprocation to God is mandatory


Part II:

Relationship between God and my soul is personal, conscious and aware/factual

  • Justification by faith =/= (not equal) being banned from knowledge of God
  • Modern science loses God in His world
  • Modern Christianity loses God in His word
  • God is a person
  • We cultivate any personal relationship through numerous encounters
  • Relationship of God with my soul: Conscious Personal Awareness
  • Conscious: Not subconscious working (infant baptism is not sufficiently fulfilling alone)
  • Personal: Not God with body of believers, God with me
  • Awareness: Can be known in same way as any other fact


Part III:

Accepting Christ is not the goal, it is only the starting point

  • Spirit entry = finding God : Not end of journey, beginning of journey
  • Paradox of soul: To have found God and still pursue Him
  • Historically holy men have lived this paradox: Moses, David, hymnists, theologians
  • Today taught that “accepting Christ” is center of being Christian
  • “accepting Christ” not a biblical term
  • Some, though, see this is not the center, but a starting point to a craving for further revelation of God
  • “Oh God, show me thy glory” – Moses
  • Lack of Holy desire leads to stiff and wooden religiosity
  • Christ waits to be wanted, not just found


Part IV:

Seek Christ through simplicity and a focus on essentials, seeking God, not “God-and”

  • Right now in an age of “religious complexity”
  • Christ’s simplicity is lost in complexity
  • Instead of simplicity: programs, methods, organizations and activities
  • All this leads to hollowness and shallowness
  • God reveals Himself to “babes”, but hides Himself from “wise and prudent”
  • To seek God, simplify / essentials
  • Don’t approach trying to impress God
  • Seek Him with candor and humility
  • Don’t seek “God-and”, just seek God
  • Seeking God alone doesn’t restrict our hearts
  • Seeking God alone allows God to fill every part of our hearts
  • In prayer, practice simplicity and essentials


Part V:

The man who has God for his treasure has all things in One

  • God divided Canaan, no land for Levites
  • God to Levites, “I am your inheritance.”
  • Christians are priests
  • Spiritual Principle: The man who has God for his treasure has all things in One.
  • The things denied, released or let go, to have God alone, are not felt as loss, because he who pursues this path has it all in One: satisfaction, pleasure, delight, purely, legitimately, forever


During the break of our study of Moses I am reading The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.  This book was one that was recently referenced in the BSF notes.  It is a relatively short book, 75 pages, written in 10 chapters plus and introduction.  I would encourage you to read along and add your comments and thoughts. $6.49 on Amazon.

My structure in writing about the book for each of the chapters will be a very loose homiletics approach.  For those of you who are homiletic purists, I apologize.  For the rest, I hope you find some things that further your personal relationship with God. 

As Moses said, “Show my your glory.”


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  1. Got the book out of the church library. I will keep up with you😊.

    Jane Wilson BSF group leader Lafayette, Indiana

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