14.4 Moses 14, Day 4

Being Holy

In Leviticus 11:45 God says:, “I am the Lord, who brought you up out of Egypt to be your God; therefore be holy, because I am holy.

Our word holy comes from the word whole.  God is whole.  He is complete.  He lacks nothing, He wants for nothing, He needs nothing.

But when we look at our own lives, we are not whole.  Our life looks jagged at the edges, missing in the middle.  We resemble something much more like a puzzle piece.

But we are a puzzle piece created by God.  God has made a place in Himself for us to fit exactly.  God doesn’t fill us in so that we are whole, He invites us to join Him in His wholeness.  Not because He needs us to complete us, but because it is only in a relationship with Him that we become part of the full and complete picture (what we were created to be).

If we are not connected to God, we still recognize that something is missing in our life and we try to fill it in.  We look around and try to see what we can connect with.  Our focus is on ourselves.  We experiment.  We try all kinds of different things, every matter of perversion, because nothing that we try to fill in with ever satisfies completely.  It can’t.

God’s laws in Leviticus are to help us restore our puzzle piece life back to the design God had intended, not to leave us lacking, but to join us to Him.  To be holy because He is holy.  This holiness is meant to permeate our lives, to touch everything about the way we live, eat, bathe, even use the restroom.  God wants all of us consecrated wholly to Him.


My Answers:

a. Dietary – clean and unclean animals
b. After giving birth
c. Skin diseases
d. Mold
e. Making people clean from skin diseases
f. Making things clean from mold
g. Liquid body wastes

It isn’t what goes in that makes a person unclean, it is what they hold in their heart and comes out.

That God is holy, they are to be holy and should consecrate themselves full to God

Fasting, prayer, obedience


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  1. Hi – Did you send day 3? Just checking because I hadn’t received it. I really appreciate reading your thoughts about the lessons.

    Blessings, Bobbie

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