15.3 Moses 15, Day 3

Listen and obey, come to the altar, and repent

I understand that the point of the question about the “first duty” of Aaron and his sons was that first they made the offering for their own sin.  Any one who has flown on an airplane has heard the direction to first put on your own breathing mask and then assist others.  We know the scriptural call to “first take the plank out of our own eye”.  In order to help others, we must first take repentant steps in our own life to remove the stain of sin.

But, when we peel back the steps leading up to that sin sacrifice, we receive even more insight.  The first thing they were called to do was to listen.  Moses called them and said…  Moses was talking, giving direction, but Aaron and his sons had the responsibility of hearing the words that God had given him.

Next, they obeyed.  Vs 5. they took the things Moses had commanded to the front of the tent.

Then they accepted the altar call in vs 7 and finally, they offered the sacrifice for their own sins.

This is the order of the calling each of us can receive as well.  First, God is calling to us.  He talks to us through His word, through others in our life, through events and circumstances, through the Spirit.  But how many refuse to listen?  He who has ears, let him hear.  Second, upon hearing the call of our Lord, we have free-will.  Sadly, many hear the call to salvation but choose to not obey.  Third, we approach the altar.  We are not called first to “go out”, but we are called first to “come home” to bring ourselves to the foot of the cross.  Finally, through repentance, we accept the gift of sacrifice that Jesus made to fully cover our sins for all eternity.

This is important because God’s love is so great for us that He doesn’t insist that we first repent and then receive the call from Him.  It is not that we are seeking Him, but like the Good Shepherd, He is out seeking His lost sheep.

This same pattern continues even after we have been saved.  We often will pray for “the direction of the Spirit.”  However, here is the truth:  The Spirit is not lacking in providing direction – we are lacking in reading, hearing and heeding that direction.  If you would like more blessing.  If you would like more joy.  If you would like more revelation of the glory of the Lord. Reading, Hearing and Heeding is a great place to start.  That path will lead you through obedience, repentance and into the presence of the glory of God.


My Answers:

From Moses to God

1. Listen, 2. Come to the Altar, 3. sacrifice a sin offereing

They were commanded by the Lord so that the Glory so that the glory of the Lord may appear

1. our order of tasks is the same. 2. The reason for the ministry must (a) come from God and (b) be only for the glory of God

They shouted for joy and fell facedown

When I have felt the full redemption of God from my sins


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