15.5 Moses 15, Day 5

Heart Attitudes

You can not see what is in my heart.  I cannot see what is in your heart.  We infer each other’s heart from the actions we perform.

But we know that is not always correct.  We know that people lie and deceive.  Even the high priests of Jesus’ time did lots to have a perception of holiness, but their hearts were far from the Lord.

But God does not have the same constraint that we have.  God knows our heart and that is where His care and judgement lies.  While our speech and actions are an outflowing of our heart – God’s focus is on the heart and soul.

With what do you fill your heart?  Does your heart overflow into charity and support for those who minister to you?  When others question your action, is your defense in actions or in the substance of your heart?


My Answers:

So you can distinguish between the holy and common, clean and unclean.  The kingdom of God is not a  matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy

Receive power and a commissioning of work to do all of which spreads God’s word and brings glory to His name

Through the offerings of the community

Tithing, special offerings, prayer, encouragement

1. He was sad over the loss of his sons and not feeling joyful, 2. Because he counted himself among those covered by the sin offering and burnt offering presented on that day.

We can pray for one another

varies  –  when truly worshiping my focus is only on God and pouring out my worship to Him


2 thoughts on “15.5 Moses 15, Day 5”

  1. Lesson 16: Question 4b,
    I don’t know but was a tad confused … Doesn’t Jesus say come just as you are? Or what does that mean anymore? and the preachers always say, you don’t have to be perfect to approach God, he meets you where you are… … … but now I see a different side of being killed as a result???

    1. Thanks for asking and great to see that you are taking the study to heart. As with many things, I think the answer lies in the why and how not just the what. Luke 18:9-14 provides a great lesson on the right and wrong way to approach God. Jesus does meet us where we are. He doesn’t require us to perform some act to redeem ourselves before coming to Him. He says come. But we are to come with a contrite and repentant heart. If we come into church with the idea of showing off and celebrating our sin, we are offensive to God. I also don’t see the warning to the Levites of death as a threat, I think it was simply reality. If you come into God’s presence, as we all with on Judgement day, without the covering of the blood of Jesus, with the idea of having prepared “good enough” on your own, you will die. Sin cannot be left unjudged and unpunished by a just God. I hope this helps but I would also encourage others to join the conversation.

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