16.4 Moses 16, Day 4

How much sin will be allowed into heaven?

How much sin will be allowed into heaven?  Depending where you are on your faith journey, that may seem like a very strange question, but, stop for a moment and actually think about it.

Clearly, the answer from the bible is zero.  Sin cannot abide in God’s presence.  There is no level of acceptable sin that can be with God.

But, look at that question again from the perspective of someone who does not know what the bible says.  The most common perception is that a loving god will just overlook sin.  Or maybe God grades on a curve and as long as I’m scoring above the 50% ranking, I should have a golden ticket for heaven.

To those who have read the bible, those ways of thinking may seem ridiculous, but these ideas are all too common, not only among the bible illiterate “christians”, but it is actually taught by many of the world religions.  Many world religions are religions of “good works”.  Only through having a balance of good works that tilts in your favor can one hope that god or the universe or whatever will judge the works sufficient.

Because of that balance quotien, every other religion is based on uncertainty.  It is based on hope, but concern, because of not knowing who can ever be sure of being good enough.  It is also based on a really weird understanding of a heaven where some levels of sin will be allowed.  What happens to that sin in heaven? Do people continue sinning?

But, Christianity stands alone.

1. Christians recognize that absolutely no sin will be allowed into heaven.  Zero.  Not only that, but Christians believe that we inherit sin from the generations that came before us, so even if we somehow avoid sin (good luck with that), we still are tainted by sin.  It also means that sin is sin, whether saying a bad word or being a mass-murderer, both are sin.  It doesn’t mean we are ridiculous to say there is no difference between the two, but both are sin.  That is a pass-fail grading system where passing equals perfection.  In essence, this eliminates any and every one from earning entrance to heaven.

2. Christians believe that every one has the opportunity to enter heaven regardless of their sin.  Not by any acts they perform or any denial or avoidance they adhere to, but because Jesus paid the price.  The covering of Jesus’ sacrificial offering, by taking all the sins of the world onto His head and carrying them away to the grave, then defeating even death to rise again, is a gift offered to all mankind.  The requirement is not works or acts, it is acceptance of this gift of grace.  We also believe that this is the only way.  Jesus is the only path – No one comes to the Father but through Him.

In these ways, Christianity is absolutely exclusive and absolutely inclusive.  But, when faced with the question of how much sin will be accepted into heaven, it is also the only religion that makes any sense.  It is also the one that absolutely removes all doubt.  If you accept Jesus, regardless of what you have done, you’re covered completely.

So who are you counting on to be the covering of your sins?  Is it yourself or is it Jesus?


My Answers:

2 goats, lots drawn, 1 sacrificed blood used for purification and atonement, the other sins of the people were laid upon and it was taken out of the camp into the wilderness

Jesus offered his life (blood) as a sin offering, a payment for our sins.  He carried the sins of all mankind on his body, outside of the city to calvary where he bore them on the cross.  Through his death, sacrifice and his atoning act of carrying away our sins, we are set free.

take off the linen garments and leave them there, bathe himself and put on his regular garments, come out & burnt offering

to make atonement for himself and for the people.  Because God said.  Because even though the sins of the people had been removed, sin still continued within the people and the camp and a final atonement was still needed

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