19.5 Moses 19, Day 5

God speaks through me and you

God is God.  God’s attributes that we have the ability to learn through the scriptures, are revelation of God.  God speaks through the Holy word of Scripture.

But, God’s ability to “speak through” and to reveal His character and attributes is not limited to the words in the Bible.  Nothing else revealed will contradict the bible, nor will it replace or even add to what is revealed in the bible, but it is still real and God still fully has the ability to use it.

For example, nature.  Who can truly look at the beauty and magnificence of nature and not have sense of the Creator within it?  Take hymns, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, “What a friend we have in Jesus”, “How great thou art”.  Take a pastor or preacher with a Holy Spirit enabled gift to paint a picture for us to apply the words of the bible to our lives.  Or a writer who challenges our thinking and pulls our heart closer to God.

For that matter, what about me and you?  Not only can God (who by the way can do anything) speak through us, but He does.  Those around you see the Lord in your life.  They see your deeds.  They see your service.  They see your attitude and your dedication and from these things they learn about God.

All things on heaven and earth are for God’s glory.

Through all of the lives of all the people, God’s glory, all of His attributes and who He is, continues and continues to be revealed.  The same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always reflect highly on us!

We see this with Miriam in our lesson today.  She asked the question, “doesn’t the Lord also speak through us?”  And, He did.  He spoke in righteous judgment for one who speaks against one of His faithful servants..  He spoke in the power and control over illness and disease (even those we consider uncureable).  He spoke in the mercy He showed in forgiving and healing.  He spoke in the Fatherly love of holding to consequences for significant wrongs and bad teaching from those He has placed in a leadership position in the church.

We see volumes in lessons about God and who He is through this situation with Miriam.  All of it is true and all of it is positive.

But if Miriam sought additional attention from the Israelites, that happened as well.  Not only during the 7 days the entire encampment sat in wait, but, can you even imagine the “walk of shame” as she re-entered the camp?

God does speak through me and you.  Whether we do right or wrong, it doesn’t change who God is and the truth of His revelation.  But when we sin, God’s light isn’t dimmed, but our ability to reflect that light is tarnished and muddied.  People see more of our faults and less of God’s reflection.

Where do you need to “polish your mirror?”  What traits or habits are present in your life that, if revealed, would tarnish your ability to reflect God’s light?  What is going to get you to change?

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to have to hear God use the “Dad voice” with me to get me to change, like He did with Miriam and Aaron :

  1. Listen to my words (what dad hasn’t used that one?)
  2. In my house (about moses, “he is faithful in all my house) – (this is my house and in my house…)
  3. Why then…?  (if you were thinking, how could you have possibly thought this was a good idea?)
  4. The anger burned and He left.  (I think sometimes the most convicting thing (terrifying thing) wasn’t when Dad took action but when he was so angry he walked away from the discussion).


My Answers:

Brought all three parties together, called them to the tent of meeting, came down in pillar of cloud, stood at the entrance and summoned Aaron & Miriam, told them “listen to my words”, laid out the circumstances, asked why they were not afraid to speak against “my servant Moses”, anger of the Lord burned, He left them, Miriam skin turned leprous

“he is faithful in all my house”, “my servant Moses”

I speak with him face to face, clearly and not in riddles, he sees the form of the Lord

All of creation is God’s house – Moses is faithful at all times and in all places

skin became leprous

He would have had to examine her and judge her unclean and she would have been sent permanently outside of the camp

He prayed for people who had unjustly wronged him and received a just penalty, but asked for their healing and forgiveness

He healed her disease, but there was still justice and teaching.  God forgives our sins, but still teaches us necessary lessons


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