20.5 Moses 20, Day 5


Consequences and punishments are not the same things.  The word consequences comes from the root words meaning something that follows along closely.  For example, the consequence of bringing home a report card with straight A’s may be praise from your parents.

The picture I have is of being invited to God’s house for dinner, and, upon the way, coming upon a crystal clear body of water.  Instead of leaving it as it is and proceeding on, you wade out into the water, your feet disturb the mud and sediment and your motion through the water makes an after-current of cloudy water.

We may seek forgiveness and even though we are now wet and muddy, God will forgive us and give us new robes to wear and invite us in to His house for the banquet.  But, the mud and sediment is still floating through the water we disturbed.  Not only do we, but everyone else around us, lives with the muddied waters.

To me, that is the difference between consequences and forgiveness.

My Answers:

Yes, v20


not one of those who saw God’s glory and signs in Egypt will see the land

No, they deny sin and expect others to accept it as “normal” which, unfortunately, it is normal since it is average behavior.  That does not mean it is not sin.

Of course.  Not only is it a part of creation to do so, but it is also important for our own training and for others.  That doesn’t mean I like it.

All who went into the land as spies, except Joshua and Caleb, were struck down and died of a plague

They ignored God’s command and said “now we are ready to go into the land”


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