02.3 Revelation – The perfect resume

The Perfect Resume

I have been interviewing people the last couple of weeks to hire a new employee to join our team at work.  It is an important job that has significant impact on our customers and I want to do my best to select someone with the right qualifications and experience for the job.  I review their resume, their past work experience and internships, their skills and experiences, trying to find someone who would be a match for the very important job.

In regard to the book of Revelation, Jesus Christ desired to reveal the revelation that God had given Him, to show His servants what must soon take place.  As with the rest of the bible, it would be written by a human inspired by the Holy Spirit.  But who should be the human to write down the words.

I think it is safe to argue that there never before had been nor every since has been any person more qualified for that task than John.  One of the sons of thunder, John was an avid and intimate follower of our Lord.  He was at His side during His ministry, at the transfiguration, at the last supper, at the cross, at the empty tomb, after His resurrection.  And John remained a witness and servant of Jesus, suffering persecution for the spreading of the gospel, but continuing to proclaim what he saw and knew.

This was not an accident.  When you think about it, you saw that John had been in an apprenticeship program since the day he left his father’s boat to follow the Lord.  All of the things he witnessed and all the experiences, tests, trials and triumphs of his life were preparation for this important job.  One that has lasting (and everlasting impact) to many people including you and me.

My Answers:

4. a.
M4: brother of james, son of Zebedee, immediately left boat and father and followed him
M17: was present with james and peter at transfiguration with Moses and Elijah
J19: at cross Mary and John: here is your son and here is your mother
J20: He was the first man to the tomb after hearing from Mary Mag
J21: Jesus specifically spoke to John’s life, His testimony is true
A4: courageous, with Peter, although unschooled and ordinary, spoke boldly about Jesus
1J1: His authority as a witness: heard, saw, looked at, touched – proclaim the life and eternal life
R1: God – Jesus – Angel – Servant John – testifies to what he saw, that is, the word of God

b. He is fully qualified for the job of testifying.  He was there, He stayed there, the revelation was delivered directly to him

They underwent suffering & persecution (as had John) for the sake of the witness of gospel.  Ttested false witness, persevered, endured hardships, not grown weary.  Afflicted, poverty, slandered, suffered, tested – continue to be faithful

The same things happen today and people still persevere.  Not to the same degree in most places, but in others it is a constant struggle.  The power of the gospel and its impact on the lives of fully committed believers has not diminished.

1. To be more faithful, 2. To be more bold in professing Jesus’ name, 3. To stand the ground of the gospel regardless of the attack 4. to be a good witness in thought, word and action. 4. To encourage and strengthen others


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